Top Benefits of Real Estate Twilight Photography


Top Benefits of Real Estate Twilight Photography

While Twilight is a magical hour, there is a very narrow window to get a great shot. Shooting an exterior view at twilight requires some serious skills and real estate photography experience, but the professional photographer knows exactly how to mix natural and interior lighting to make a property look its best.

From setting up a perfect shot and waiting for the right moment to enhancing the final image using the advanced post-processing software, 8710 Photography will do it all to take a dazzling twilight shot of your property.

Understanding Real Estate Twilight Photography:

A twilight exterior photo is taken at dusk to showcase landscape and property lighting, pool lighting, backyard, garden, or features like fire pits.

Home buyers love dreamy and eye-catching twilight photos because they are different from the regular exterior shot. They are more likely to grab the attention of the buyer and are more likely to be shared online.

All in all, they work great when it comes to marketing a property for sale.

The Main Rules of Twilight Exterior Real Estate Shots:

1. Use all interior lights for warmth and interest, as well as landscaping lights and exterior lights if there are any.

2. Twilight photoshoot requires a separate trip because of the setup and timing, so plan and schedule accordingly.

3. Always use a tripod.

4. Shoot raw and adjust the white balance and exposure later in post-processing.

5. Set a camera to a low ISO to get better color and less noise.

6. Flash and additional lighting can improve your twilight photo by adding extra light and drama to the dark areas.

The Benefits of Real Estate Twilight Photography:

Real estate twilight photography has many advantages. In addition to helping you build your real estate business and client base, it can also:

1. Show property lighting that a buyer doesn’t see when they are viewing the home in daylight.

2. Create one-of-a-kind cover photos for your real estate listing.

3. Improve your real estate website and portfolio.

4. Allow you to stick out from your competition.

5. Bring clients who are normally interested in higher-end properties.

Your home is a product for sale, just like any other, and should be marketed as such. High-quality twilight shots have a significant impact on the sale price and the time on the market. What makes this photo special? Unlike the daytime photo, twilight shot, with its strong colors and great lighting, is going to stand out a whole lot more when competing against the similar homes in the same area.

It attracts potential home buyers because it looks professional, visually appealing, and expensive. Moreover, thanks to the contrast between the warm interior lights and the blue evening sky, a twilight photo resonates with our need for shelter, safety, and protection. Because daytime shots still dominate the market, twilights stand out so much more when buyers are looking for a property. In 50 or 100 listings, there can be only one twilight shot. Of course, the buyers are more likely to click on it and view the property.

Real estate agents and photographers love twilight photos for what they do to get attention for the listing online. While a daytime shoot can also work very well on a sunny day, most homes can benefit greatly from a twilight real estate photo shoot. The glow of the lights inside the home, the absence of shadows, and of course a stunning sunset on a background create a stunning, visually appealing image.

Check out our extensive portfolio to see for yourself that twilight real estate shots can make a very ordinary home look amazing as well as hide some defects.


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